rick_scott.jpg January 16, 2017

Scott Calls for FL Colleges to Steer Kids to STEM...

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s reformer’s zeal hadn’t quite been

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college.jpg January 15, 2017

Group Offers FAFSA Help in Washington State

Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is really a rite of passage for

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misericordia_arch.jpg January 14, 2017

Botzman Succeeds MacDowell to Lead Misericordia University

The Misericordia University Board of Trustees and also the Conference for Mercy

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math.jpg January 13, 2017

Math Struggles Continue Through College for Florida Students

The Miami Herald reports that despite all the attention Florida schools have drawn

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books_curriculum.jpg January 12, 2017

Dale Schlundt: A Call for Practical Curriculum in Higher Ed

by Dale Schlundt The various hierarchical levels in a corporate business, business

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Brinner.jpg January 11, 2017

To Save Their Fiscal Lives, Unis Need to Embrace Online...

An increasing number of individuals are beginning to ask if the high costs charged

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Veritas.jpg January 10, 2017

American Conservative: Is Harvard a College or a Hedge Fund?

When people describe Harvard, they often times point to its academic and research

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college1.jpg January 9, 2017

Is Linking Funding to College Graduation Rates 'Misguided'?

A growing number of states want to link some of the higher education funding to

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Waker.jpg January 8, 2017

Walker Wants to Bring Financial Reform to Wisc. Higher Ed

Governor Scott Walker wants to make schools define the Wisconsin public university

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diploma.jpg January 7, 2017

Have Recent Studies Made Faulty Assumptions About College?

With the price of college rising every year faster than inflation, more attention

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