foreign.jpg February 11, 2017

Foreign Students Brought $21 Billion to US Economy Last Year

International students studying in the usa in the 2011-2012 academic year

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dream.jpg February 10, 2017

For Illegal Immigrants, Freedom University is Only Choice

For children of illegal immigrants, getting access to higher education could be a

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romney.jpg February 9, 2017

Of Princeton Staff Giving to Campaigns, 99% Gave to Obama

The Daily Princetonian reports that whenever the disclosure forms were tallied, 99%

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women.jpg February 8, 2017

As Women's Academic Attainment Rises, Relationships Shift

The economic balance in families is changing dramatically, because the steps taken

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Obama1.jpg February 7, 2017

How Did Academics Apply Expertise to Obama's Campaign?

The task of pulling off victory for President Barack Obama involved more than just

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graduates.jpg February 6, 2017

AAC&U Sets Out New Strategic Plan for US Higher Education

The Board of Directors from the Association of American Colleges and Universities is

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Berman.png February 5, 2017

George Washington Law Aggressive with Online Ed Efforts

George Washington University has announced that the GW Law School’s dean Paul

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innovation.jpg February 4, 2017

Harvard Struggling to Catch Up to MIT in Tech Innovation

In the minds of numerous, the venerable Harvard is simply too storied an institution

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marketing.jpg February 3, 2017

Fiscal Reality Forces Higher Ed Industry to Market Itself

Faced with revenue problems stemming from cuts in federal and state government aid

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whittier.jpg February 2, 2017

California, Florida Lead on 'Worst-of' Law School List

Whittier Law School situated in Orange County, California, has won the dubious honor

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