college1.jpg January 9, 2017

Is Linking Funding to College Graduation Rates 'Misguided'?

A growing number of states want to link some of the higher education funding to

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Waker.jpg January 8, 2017

Walker Wants to Bring Financial Reform to Wisc. Higher Ed

Governor Scott Walker wants to make schools define the Wisconsin public university

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diploma.jpg January 7, 2017

Have Recent Studies Made Faulty Assumptions About College?

With the price of college rising every year faster than inflation, more attention

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fresh.jpg January 6, 2017

Freshman Survey Shows More Liberalism, Changing Motivations

Every year, students coming to college campuses all around the nation as freshmen

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college.jpg January 5, 2017

Minority-Serving Colleges at Forefront of Remediation Reform

In the absence of fast, comprehensive education reform that would create K-12

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CU.jpg January 4, 2017

Hikes in Tuition Make Public Universities Less of a Bargain

Public universities have always been considered a good deal in higher education, but

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Obama.jpg January 3, 2017

Higher Ed Funding Remains for Now, But Future Uncertain

Uncertainty over research funding persisted to the last possible minute, however in

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garcia.jpg January 2, 2017

Colorado Sets Goals for Colleges, Could Link Them to Funding

In the near future, appeals from the state government for Colorado’s public

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pay_higher_ed.jpg January 1, 2017

Can a 'Pay as You Go' Model Work for Higher...

We think of the price of higher education like a series of massive bills —

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remediation.jpg December 31, 2016

Number of Students Needing Remediation in College on Decline

Efforts by states to ensure their senior high school graduates are college-ready

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