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obrom.jpg February 17, 2017

Obama, Romney Differ on Higher Education Funding, Loans

With the first presidential and also the vice-presidential debates behind us —

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Kasich.png February 15, 2017

Ohio Colleges Asked to Design Plan for Performance Funding

The importance of performance metrics continues to be increasingly stressed in K-12

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homework.jpg February 14, 2017

Would Getting Rid of Homework Improve K-12 *and* Higher Ed?

How best to start closing the achievement gap between low-income students and their

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perry.jpg January 23, 2017

Will Texas' $10K Degree Programs Revolutionize Higher Ed?

Texas Governor Rick Perry takes an unusual path in his effort to bring down the cost

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diploma.jpg January 7, 2017

Have Recent Studies Made Faulty Assumptions About College?

With the price of college rising every year faster than inflation, more attention

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college.jpg January 5, 2017

Minority-Serving Colleges at Forefront of Remediation Reform

In the absence of fast, comprehensive education reform that would create K-12

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Obama.jpg January 3, 2017

Higher Ed Funding Remains for Now, But Future Uncertain

Uncertainty over research funding persisted to the last possible minute, however in

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remediation.jpg December 31, 2016

Number of Students Needing Remediation in College on Decline

Efforts by states to ensure their senior high school graduates are college-ready

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higher_ed_ny.jpg December 23, 2016

New York Examines its Annual State of Higher Education

The New York Senate released its report on the state of advanced schooling in New

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dream.jpg December 14, 2016

New York Lawmakers Considering DREAM Act of Their Own

New York may be the newest state considering allowing illegal immigrants to qualify

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