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black_face.jpg July 28, 2016

Beauty Treatment Photo at UW Sparks Blackface Backlash

The chancellor of the University of Washington-Whitewater has stated that a photo

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melissa_click.jpg July 28, 2016

University of Missouri Prof Click Appeals Termination

Former?University of Missouri assistant communications professor Melissa Click is

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black_parents_college.jpg July 28, 2016

Black, Hispanic Parents Value College More Than Whites

According to a recently released Pew Research Center survey, the mother and father

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endowments.jpg July 28, 2016

Regulating College Endowments Is the Wrong Answer

By Dr. Michael A. MacDowell Congressman Tom Reed of recent York plans to introduce a

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kentucky_ed.jpg July 28, 2016

Kentucky House Approves 2-Year College Tuition Program

(Image: LRC Public Information) A bill was recently passed by the Kentucky House

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duke.jpg July 28, 2016

Duke Adjuncts Vote to Unionize Through SEIU

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons) The National Labor Relations Board has?announced that a

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money1.jpg July 28, 2016

NerdWallet Report Looks at Consequences of Parent Loans

(Photo: Andrew Magill, Creative Commons) NerdWallet has released a new study looking

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trump_university.jpg July 28, 2016

Plaintiff in Trump University Fraud Case Wants Out

One of the four lead plaintiffs within the lawsuit against Trump University wants a

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trump_2016.jpg July 28, 2016

Emory Students Protest Pro-Trump Chalk Markings

(Photo: The Tab) Students at Emory University have been rankled by pro-Donald Trump

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tammy_baldwin.jpg July 28, 2016

Wisconsin's Baldwin Introduces College Affordability Act

United States Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin?has?introduced the?In The Red Act,

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