International Education

women.jpg February 8, 2017

As Women's Academic Attainment Rises, Relationships Shift

The economic balance in families is changing dramatically, because the steps taken

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graduates.jpg February 6, 2017

AAC&U Sets Out New Strategic Plan for US Higher Education

The Board of Directors from the Association of American Colleges and Universities is

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Hance.jpg January 30, 2017

Uni Heads in Texas, Virginia Ask for More Higher Ed...

After having grappled for quite some time with state financial cuts, chancellors

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fracking.jpg January 28, 2017

Companies Prospecting for Oil and Gas on College Campuses

Colleges and universities which are struggling to soften the financial blow due to

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rick_scott.jpg January 16, 2017

Scott Calls for FL Colleges to Steer Kids to STEM...

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s reformer’s zeal hadn’t quite been

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Veritas.jpg January 10, 2017

American Conservative: Is Harvard a College or a Hedge Fund?

When people describe Harvard, they often times point to its academic and research

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college1.jpg January 9, 2017

Is Linking Funding to College Graduation Rates 'Misguided'?

A growing number of states want to link some of the higher education funding to

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finaid.jpg December 22, 2016

Private Colleges Call for More Need-Based Aid, Less on Merit

In a draft statement released towards the media earlier this week, several private

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bucknell_campus2.jpg December 19, 2016

Bucknell Gets Caught With Faulty Data – Was it Intentional?

Bucknell University officials joined a short list of other university administrators

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lecture_hall.jpg December 13, 2016

Gallup, Lumina Reveal Public Attitudes on Higher Education

Do Americans think that education beyond senior high school is vitally important,

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