International Education

Duncan1.jpg November 28, 2016

March Gradness? Duncan Calls on NCAA to Boost Academics

Apparently, March Madness presents a chance to make some extremely important points

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budget.jpg November 27, 2016

Colleges, Universities Continue to Suffer From Budget Cuts

Judged by the amount of funding higher education receives from states, the 2008

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Jindal.jpg November 19, 2016

Louisiana Educators Confused By Jindal's Higher Ed Budget

Education experts in Louisiana were left confused by the latest executive budget

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sat.jpg November 10, 2016

College Board Announces Sweeping SAT Redesign

It is a daunting hurdle familiar to a large proportion of aspiring college students

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headbanger.jpg November 3, 2016

Heavy Metal Scholars Show Evolving Study of Musicology

The Intentional Conference on Heavy metal and rock and Popular Culture attracts a

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markum.jpg October 31, 2016

Ithaka Says Hybrid Courses as Good as Traditional Model

Ithaka S+R has released the results of a randomized study comparing outcomes between

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lsu.jpg October 29, 2016

Louisiana Higher Education Funding May Become Accountability-Based

The Louisiana State Senate will consider a measure that would link advanced

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brownback.jpg October 26, 2016

Brownback Stumping for Higher Education Funding Around Kansas

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is putting his conservative credentials at risk by

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cost_college.jpg October 15, 2016

New, Free Tools Help Families Save Thousands on College

by Joe Nathan Want to save cash and time with college costs?? Several free new tools

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student_loan_app.jpg October 10, 2016

Report: Even a Partial College Education Pays Off

A new study finds that buying a partial college education may be worth the price,

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