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Sandusky.jpg February 21, 2017

State Strips Sandusky of Pension, Won't Reclaim Money Paid

There’s a great deal to be outraged about within the story of the long-term

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scott.jpg February 19, 2017

Florida Task Force Mulls Pricing College Tuition by Degree

Florida’s public universities may be moving to an a la carte tuition structure

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dream.jpg February 10, 2017

For Illegal Immigrants, Freedom University is Only Choice

For children of illegal immigrants, getting access to higher education could be a

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marketing.jpg February 3, 2017

Fiscal Reality Forces Higher Ed Industry to Market Itself

Faced with revenue problems stemming from cuts in federal and state government aid

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students_working.jpg January 31, 2017

More Rigorous High School Courses Raise College Grad Rates

A study from the nation\’s Schools Boards Association shows that a tougher

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lecture.jpg January 24, 2017

College Students Still Prefer Good Lectures Over Tech

As technologically savvy as modern college students are, with regards to teaching,

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Waker.jpg January 8, 2017

Walker Wants to Bring Financial Reform to Wisc. Higher Ed

Governor Scott Walker wants to make schools define the Wisconsin public university

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fresh.jpg January 6, 2017

Freshman Survey Shows More Liberalism, Changing Motivations

Every year, students coming to college campuses all around the nation as freshmen

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pay_higher_ed.jpg January 1, 2017

Can a 'Pay as You Go' Model Work for Higher...

We think of the price of higher education like a series of massive bills —

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library.jpg December 27, 2016

To Survive, Does Higher Education Need to Embrace Change?

The idea has been expressed in many ways over the previous several years C overhaul,

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