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math.jpg January 13, 2017

Math Struggles Continue Through College for Florida Students

The Miami Herald reports that despite all the attention Florida schools have drawn

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Lubbers.jpg December 24, 2016

Indiana Discusses Financial Incentives to Boost Grad Rate

Teresa Lubbers, Indiana’s Education Commissioner, required state lawmakers to

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corbett_pa.jpg December 17, 2016

Pennsylvania Higher Ed Funding Won't Be Cut, But Won't Rise

A proposed cut for higher education funding in Pennsylvania continues to be

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grads1.jpg December 16, 2016

US Graduating Classes Predicted to be Smaller, More Diverse

The competition for school admissions might become softer if the recent prediction

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budget.jpg December 12, 2016

New Study Shows Increased Level of State Aid for Higher...

The Chronicle of Higher Education C among the best sources for higher education news

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130125EducatedCountriesHEADER_564.jpg December 6, 2016

The World's Most Educated Countries – Education News

Like many proud citizens around the globe today, there are times when you might seem

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TESC.jpg November 13, 2016

Could Competency-Based College be the Future of Higher Ed?

Awarding credit based on experience away from classroom isn’t a new concept

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grads.jpg October 24, 2016

To Reach Alumni, Schools Should Look to Social Media

Schools that invest some a few of their alumni communications efforts into social

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fried.jpg October 23, 2016

Fried Outlines Hope for Cheap, High-Quality College Degree

Among the voices raised in panic at growing educational costs that threatens to

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loan_debt.jpg September 27, 2016

Senate Bill Proposes 2 Year Freeze on Student Loan Interest...

Both Republicans and Democrats will work hard to fix a flawed Federal student loan

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