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November 12, 2016 Comments (0) About Education

NYU Faculty Vote 'No Confidence' on President Sexton


New York University President John E. Sexton has lost the support of the majority of his faculty colleagues, according to the results of the no confidence vote taken among faculty members of the university’s School of Arts & Science. The final results of the week-long vote was 52% agreeing using the statement that they no confidence in the school leadership, with 39% disagreeing and 8% abstaining.

According to The Chronicle better Education, 83% from the 683 faculty members permitted to vote cast a ballot. Although the vote isn\’t in any way binding, faculty members voting hope that it will serve as a lynchpin for serious discussions one of the university leadership about the direction of the school.

The vote of no confidence followed?months of complaints?about what Mr. Sexton’s critics have referred to as his autocratic nature and top-down management style. The faculty critics have voiced concerns about a number of Mr. Sexton’s most-ambitious efforts, with a few professors questioning the academic quality of NYU’s programs overseas and lots of railing from the university’s large-scale?redevelopment plan,?which would turn Greenwich Village, where lots of faculty members live, right into a construction zone for nearly two decades.

The voices from the faculty don’t carry nearly the same weight of the university’s Board of Trustees, that the Chronicle also reports passed a resolution last month supporting both Sexton’s stewardship from the school and the direction the college is taking. The text of the resolution included a passage that praised Sexton for transforming NYU from a strong regional player to one of the premier universities worldwide.

Martin Lipton, the board chairman, reiterated in a statement on Friday that the board “unanimously and strongly” supports Mr. Sexton. “In a time of great challenges to raised education, John Sexton has turned into a nationally recognized innovator while, at the same time, maintaining excellence,” Mr. Lipton said. “It is clear to all of us that NYU is a great success story.”

In a statement released late last week, Sexton said that he was grateful for the Board’s support, and noted he has received a likewise positive assessment? in the deans, as well as from faculty members of the university\’s professional schools, including the medical, dental and nursing schools. He did observe that faculty support was important, and noted that although he himself and the team took steps to draw that support, in addition to canvass the faculty opinion on his plans, these efforts will continue in the future.

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