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The World's Most Educated Countries – Education News


Like many proud citizens around the globe today, there are times when you might seem like the country you live in is among the best on Earth-and occasionally you might feel that your country could make some improvements. When you are looking at education in particular, some countries are ahead of the game. What does a “well-educated” country seem like? Things like high school graduation rates, quantity of citizens with a college degree, as well as things like employment and rate of pay, could be combined together for everyone as a reasonable meter for educational success. At no more 2012, the business for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) calculated what proportion of residents in 34 countries had got a new college degree or even the equivalent of one. From there, the top 10 \”most educated\” countries were determined. Some countries are more surprising than the others, but all appear to have their own unique method of ensuring that their citizens are educated properly. While not every countries have the same resources open to create wonderful education opportunities, those countries which use their highly-educated citizens to help world progress and assist those countries who\’ve less can do amazing things for the future. Take a look at the stats behind these well-learned nations.

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