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July 28, 2016 Comments (0) International Education

Russia's New Reputation Rankings Will Rival Times' List


There was not a single Russian university within the top 100 of schools as ranked on academic reputation recently through the Times. In response, Education Minister Andrei Fursenko claims that Russia is incorporated in the process of creating their own rating system.

Dr. Fursenko told the Interfax news agency that ratings were an \”instrument of competitive battle and influence\” and should not be monopolized. He explained that Russia was working with international specialists to produce its own \”international and universally recognized\” university rating, Interfax reported this month.

There happen to be widespread reports that Russia is struggling with an East-West \’brain drain\’ and that the Russian advanced schooling system is struggling to get the resources it needs to operate, that its academic community is isolated and its research not free from government control, while its brightest minds usually leave for the West. Dr Fursenko\’s comments come in the wake of earlier comments from Putin that Russia should develop its own ranking system instead of leaving an invaluable method of labor market control in the hands of Western powers.

\”You have to know that certain experts believe that these Western ratings are, actually, an instrument for raising their competitiveness around the labor market,\” Mr. Putin said at their meeting, where they discussed legislation that would recognize foreign university diplomas in Russia. \”That\’s why we need to be very cautious about them, and exercise our own objective method of evaluating the caliber of education that graduates of those universities receive.\”

Moscow State University, highly regarded for its math and physical sciences programs, was ranked 33rd last year and they are taking the drop to almost 300th place personally. They highlight a new question this year which asks \’Which university would you send your most talented graduates to for the best postgraduate supervision?\’ This harms the prestige of Russian universities as they have no official postgraduate designation.

Russia is pumping money into programs that raise their universities\’ international profiles but is also committed to revamping elementary and school education.

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