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Minneapolis Students Major in Comics


As Minneapolis College of Art and style (MCAD) adjunct faculty member, Jim Keefe, looks on the student\’s work, they are surrounded by comics on the classroom walls along with a Superman comic on the video monitor, writes Alex Friedrich at MPR News.

This is part of \”Introduction to Comics,\” where students have already practiced the different stages of comic design – plot, penciling, lettering and inking. As well as in this final assignment, they\’re putting together their own 4-5-page comic.

The?Minneapolis College of Art and Design?is one of only three colleges that offer an accredited bachelor\’s degree inside it. And there\’s a future inside it. While graduates might have to go on to work in the?comic industry?and on graphic novels, those that don\’t may do story-boarding for commercials and films.

But these students aren\’t thinking about just mimicking the popular legends of the profession, writes Tom Horgen at the Star Tribune.

“They\’ve their own stories to inform,” said Britt Aamodt, author of “Superheroes, Strip Artists & Talking Animals: Minnesota’s Contemporary Cartoonists.”

Of the two dozen artists profiled in her own new 200-page book, only a few draw superheroes as a living and many are satisfied to be auteurs: writing, drawing, inking and self-publishing stories dreamed in their imagination.

In her book, Aamodt argues this recent crop of artists takes Minnesota’s scene to new heights.

“They’ve really spread their wings,” Aamodt said last week. “They can tell any type of story. And they just don’t need to be about men in tights.”

The author speaks of the community’s survival skills and organizing power citing the existence of the Minneapolis College of Art and style.

It\’s certainly a thriving town industry. Last year saw the debut from the Minneapolis Indie Xpo, a festival focused on self-published artists and small-press publishers. A lot more than 1,000 people attended.

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