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July 28, 2016 Comments (0) Latest Education

Suspect Identified in UCLA Shooting, Had 'Kill List'


(Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

(Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

The man suspected of performing a murder-suicide at UCLA on Wednesday continues to be?identified by Los Angeles authorities as Mainak Sarkar, an old Ph.D. student who posted a tirade against his victim, William S. Klug, an engineering professor, accusing him of stealing his computer code.

\”William Klug, UCLA professor isn\’t the kind of person when you think of a professor. He\’s a very sick person. I urge every new student visiting UCLA to stay away from this guy,\” Sarkar wrote on March 10. \”He helped me really sick. Your enemy is my enemy. But your friend can perform a lot more harm. Be careful about whom you trust.\”

Klug, a 39-year-old father of two, was an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. He was described by his colleagues as a brilliant, kind, and caring man. According to KTLA News, the shooting took place a small office within the Engineering IV building around 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

The incident left both men dead and sparked an enormous multi-agency response during?which campus was locked down for 3 hours and security forces launched a tactical look for evidence and potential threats. Students inside the buildings described tying belts to doors and pushing tables against entrances to secure their classrooms.

According to reporters at ABC News, rumors swirled that there could have been?as many as four shooters on campus.

The incident has raised severe security concerns for campus officials. Scott Waugh, a professional vice chancellor and provost in the school, said that officials were troubled by some reports of unlocked doors. “We’ll review the locks on the doors and any security issue which has arisen in the course of today,” Waugh said. The campus recommends students and teachers in the event of an active shooter to stay inside rooms and offices, secure doors, and turn off lights.

Following the violent episode, UCLA announced that scheduled classes would resume normally on Thursday. Reporters for that Los Angeles Times write that many students returned for their classes rattled. \”I have to go back to exactly the same area in which the shooting happened tomorrow, I must go back to the same area where I had been in lockdown tomorrow.?It is simply not going to feel the same,\” Catherine Lowe, a freshman studying biology, said Wednesday. \”I can\’t focus, I\’m supposed to write an essay due on Friday, and I can\’t concentrate on anything right now because I\’m in shock.\”

Evidently, Sarkar had long-standing grievances against Klug. Authorities now believe that Sarkar had a ‘kill list’ and the man intended to murder two professors, but he found only Klug. Sarkar is also suspected in the murder of a woman in Minnesota whose name was included on the list. Her body was discovered after authorities came?to her residence after finding her name on the list in Sarkar’s apartment.

The shooter\’s motives were roundly denounced, plus some have questioned his psychological stability. Everyone attested to Klug\’s standup character.

\”Bill was a truly wonderful man, only the nicest guy you would ever wish to meet,\” said UCLA professor Alan Garfinkel. \”Devoted family man, superb mentor and teacher to so many students. He was my close colleague and friend. Our research together ended up being to build a computer type of the heart, a 50 million variable \’virtual heart\’ that could be used to test drugs.\”

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