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July 28, 2016 Comments (0) Educational institutions

Spate of Anti-Muslim Crimes Mars Idaho State University


(Photo: Eric Kjaemperud, Creative Commons)

(Photo: Eric Kjaemperud, Creative Commons)

Close to 50 students at?Idaho State University who hail from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have become victims of vandalism and burglary in addition to?unverified incidents of physical abuse.

The incidents began last summer when 17 vehicles, some of which belonged to international students, were vandalized. ?The issues have continued all year round. ?More recently, DVDs containing hate messages happen to be left around the windshields of cars parked around the campus.

The crimes turned violent now when a Middle Eastern man was stabbed. ?Everybody that the man was walking within an alley when two other men came up to him?and assaulted?him. ?The suspects allegedly shouted derogatory Middle Eastern comments at the victim while attacking him. ?It is unknown whether the man is an ISU student.

Police added that they do not have any results in date regarding who may have committed the crimes under consideration. ?The FBI continues to be notified from the situation and it is currently conducting an investigation to determine whether or not they could have been?hate crimes.

The news reached students in the form of an email from university president Arthur C. Vailas, who asserted students were considered leaving the school as a result of the incidents, writes Stephanie Saul for?The Ny Times.

Meanwhile, Middle Eastern students who inspired to remain anonymous said these were scared and feared for their safety.

“People just don’t feel safe, and I don’t feel safe too,” one student said.

He went on to say, “What is the email going to do to us? Is it going to keep us safe? Is it going to stop anyone from keep doing whatever their doing? No!”

U.S. Attorney Wendy Olsen visited the campus last week in an effort to?encourage students to drag together. ?She was on campus to satisfy with foreign students to be able to discuss hate crimes, but said the meeting had been previously arranged.

“Hopefully you will stand with one another most importantly and never only increase your resistance to intolerance and acts of backlash against anyone within our community but lSU stand with your law enforcement because we\’re here to help you make this a safe community,” said Olson.

At the same time frame, the university needs to?boost enrollment of international students, especially those from the Middle East. ?Those students currently represent 10% from the total school population, reports Rob Wile for Fusion.

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad recently announced that he had already spoken with a Saudi official to guarantee students did not leave because of the crimes, with a lot more plans to meet with Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian officials early in a few days. ?News reports reveal that the two countries have already decided not to send anymore students towards the school.

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in Washington, which hands out government scholarships to Saudi students, said students in the school could leave Idaho State before the semester ends and?transfer to another university?within the fall.

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