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Nixon.jpg January 19, 2017

Missouri Lawmakers Working on New Higher Ed Funding Formula

Missouri lawmakers are difficult at work on a new funding formula for the

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college1.jpg January 9, 2017

Is Linking Funding to College Graduation Rates 'Misguided'?

A growing number of states want to link some of the higher education funding to

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higher_ed_ny.jpg December 23, 2016

New York Examines its Annual State of Higher Education

The New York Senate released its report on the state of advanced schooling in New

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northwestern.jpg December 15, 2016

Northwestern University Struggles With its Heritage

Northwestern University granted a part of a college group’s petition a week

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college.jpg November 30, 2016

Should Funding Attach to Students in Higher Education?

Who should have control over higher education funding C the schools or their

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fafsa1.jpg October 20, 2016

FAFSA Now Blind to Parents' Gender, Marriage Status

The Department of Education has announced that starting with the 2014-2015 Free

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student_loan_app.jpg October 10, 2016

Report: Even a Partial College Education Pays Off

A new study finds that buying a partial college education may be worth the price,

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harassment.jpg September 24, 2016

Federal Campus Speech Codes Broad, Unconstitutional

The Departments of Justice and Education have partnered to mandate new campus speech

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stafford.jpg September 8, 2016

Stafford Loan Rates Double As Hope for Compromise Fades

With no agreement reached in Washington, the interest rates for federally subsidized

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Drones.jpg September 5, 2016

Colleges Offering Courses, Majors in Emerging Drone Technology

More than 10 years after unmanned aerial vehicles C known typically as drones C

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