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finaid.jpg December 22, 2016

Private Colleges Call for More Need-Based Aid, Less on Merit

In a draft statement released towards the media earlier this week, several private

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university_president_salary1.jpg September 29, 2016

Despite Lack of Data, Benchmarks, University President Salaries Rise

  In 2011-12, the median salary of public university presidents rose 4.7%?to

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loan_debt.jpg September 27, 2016

Senate Bill Proposes 2 Year Freeze on Student Loan Interest...

Both Republicans and Democrats will work hard to fix a flawed Federal student loan

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howard_library.jpg July 28, 2016

Howard University Offers Tuition Rebates To On-Time Grads

(Image: Founders Library, Howard University) Howard University is refunding some

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sat_test_california_college_admits_score_fraud.jpg July 28, 2016

Claremont McKenna College Admits SAT Score Fraud

Since 2005, California’s Claremont McKenna College has repeatedly submitted

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